Air Conditioning Units
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These are in every bedroom and are also reversible to heat as well as cool. Please note that all the units MUST be set to the same system to work. In the unlikely event that someone tries to heat a room while someone else is trying to cool a room none of the units will work.

We will have preset the units according to the season - please do not let children press all the buttons on the remote controls! To avoid mislaying the remotes please replace them in their holders after use.

The best way to keep the house cool is not to let it heat up in the first place. Copy the locals ..... keep the windows and shutters closed on hot days and open them up at night when it is cool to let a fresh breeze through.
The ideal temperature is around 21 /22 °C  - lots of people think that if it's hot outside they need to have the temperature as low as possible and often set it for 16 or 17 °C. If it's 30°C + outside that's quite a shock to the system and such a big difference in temperature is not healthy. (If you think about it, few people heat their houses to only 16°C - they'd think it was far too cold!!)
Please do not leave the air conditioning running when you have gone out for the day. It only takes around 5 minutes to cool the room when you come back.
Please close all the doors and windows when the units are on. Leaving them open is the same as driving a car with the air con on and the windows down - it's wasteful and it won't work!
We don't charge extra for this facility but as it is costly to run both in terms of money and the effect on the environment we ask that you use it responsibly.
Thank you for your cooperation!
The downstairs area ( apart from the sitting area which has a radiator)  has underfloor heating.

All the upstairs rooms are heated with central heating radiators.

The heating is preset - please let us know if you need it adjusted.

As with the air conditioning, if the heating is on please do not leave the doors and windows open.

For very early Spring, late Autumn and Winter bookings there is also the option of using the log burner -

Logs for the woodburner can be purchased from us  - this wood is cut, dried and stored for two years before it is ready for burning - please DO NOT be tempted to collect wood from the surrounding area instead. This holds too much moisture to burn effectively. It won't burn well or give good heat and it will blacken the burner window and tar up the chimney.