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location en dordogne piscine privée
Dordogne Holiday Villa with private pool - sleeps 8/10
This is fairly self explanatory - switch on the power button at the left hand side, turn the dial on the right hand side to the setting you want and then press the start button on the dial.

There are a couple of cycles which take over two hours but there is also a quicker 29 minute cycle which is more than adequate for everyday plates and glasses. We have noticed that on the quick cycle some of the dishwasher tablet doesn't always dissolve and sticks to the front of the top rack. You can avoid this by placing the tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher.

On departure please don't run a long cycle for a few breakfast dishes :)
Hints & Tips!
You don't need to rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher but do wipe off any excess food which will clog the filter and may leave the dishes less than sparkling!
Having spent nearly 20 years in the catering industry Amar knows that any chef worth his salt will never put their kitchen knives in a dishwasher as this will blunt them.
Please wash the kitchen knives by hand. (We have also provided a knife sharpener, just in case ;) )
Plastic also doesn't like the dishwasher and will come out dull and scratched. Please do not put the perspex bowls, jugs or picnicwear in the dishwasher.
Thank you for your cooperation!