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The main house sits in grounds of around 1500 m2 . The gardens are fully enclosed - please ensure that you close the gate each time you leave the house and especially at night to prevent any animals from wandering in!

To prevent your car wheels spinning on the gravel incline, please remember to stop your car on the road before opening the gate.

As La Tour de Genèbre is situated on the highest point of La Cassagne it has uninterrupted views straight across the valley and as far as Terrasson. The sun sets over the valley and you can sit and admire the stunning skies either from the garden or from the desk in the library.

There is a smaller house in the grounds which was originally destined to become a 2 bedroomed gite/annex but which has now been turned into a games room.
In the Grounds ...
The swings and chute are behind the house and are suitable for 3 to 8 years old only.
The washing lines, external air conditioning unit and outside tap are also behind the house.

Please do not leave any young children unaccompanied on the swings.
The car park is spacious enough for 2 or 3 cars with enough room left to play that well loved French sport, Petanque (or Boules). There are sets of boules in the games room along with rules of play for any novices!
The swimming pool is in the far corner of the garden. Just opposite in the neighbouring walnut grove there is a large peach tree which overhangs our fence. The owners are more than happy for you to take any of the delicious peaches which are on our side of the fence...please don't take any from their side!!

We also have our own small vegetable garden with tomatoes, courgettes, green beans, cucumbers and whatever else Amar has managed to plant. We will tend to the garden when we come for the pool visits. You are welcome to take what you would like from the vegetables which are ripe at the time of your visit but we would appreciate if you would not let the children run in and out or damage the plants.

There is a badminton net to the side of the house - the rackets and shuttlecocks are  kept in the gamesroom.
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location en dordogne piscine privée
Dordogne Holiday Villa with private pool - sleeps 8/10