It only takes a few minutes for a child to fall in unnoticed and drown in an unattended pool - please remain vigilant and
ENSURE THAT THE COVER IS CLOSED WHENEVER THE POOL IS UNOCCUPIED even if you are elsewhere in the gardens and especially when you have finished swimming for the day. This will also ensure that the water retains the heat it has gained during the day.

Please also ensure that the main gate is closed whenever you leave the property.

As we do not live on site, the legal responsibility lies with the occupants of the property.

The pool is 1m 40cms deep at all points with no shallow or deep end.
It is fitted with a liner which can be punctured if not looked after properly.

Do not sit on or allow children to stand on the motorised roller. This is fragile and costs around € 4000 to replace!

Do not take any china/glass bottles or containers into the pool area. If any glass is broken within the pool area we are obliged to empty, clean and refill the pool which will spoil your holiday.

Children should not be allowed in the pool area without a responsible adult. A child can fall in & drown in a matter of minutes - please remain vigliant at all times. If you leave the pool area, even for a short while, take the children with you or close the automatic cover.

No diving or running around the pool

No flippers, remote control boats/toys or other objects with sharp edges - these can puncture the pool lining

Do not swim if you have been drinking alcohol

Do not stay in the pool during heavy rain or thunder storms

Swimming Pool
Please remember to close all parasols both at the pool and in the garden after each use and especially if you are going out for the day. Take them down completely if it is very windy.

Open & close with care and don't overwind the handles as this will break the cords.

Please don't not allow children to open and close the parasols.
Excessive use of suncreams cause permanent damage to the pool liner – the products stick to the liner and react with the sun to stain the liner a greeny/yellow colour. This cannot be removed.

Suncreams also stain sheets, towels and soft furnishings – the stains are often not obvious until the linen is washed. The yellow patches then appear and cannot be removed.

Please do not apply lots of sun protection if you intend to use the pool shortly afterwards.

Please shower before using the pool.

Please ensure all suncreams are washed off the end of the day.

A damaged pool liner and discoloured linens are unsightly but too wasteful to replace every year or after each set of guests ….. for everyone's benefit we would appreciate your cooperation. Thank you! 
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location en dordogne piscine privée
Dordogne Holiday Villa with private pool - sleeps 8/10
Swimming pools in France are subject to strict safety and hygiene regulations.

The pool is a salt water pool and is heated - we aim to keep the water temperature around 26°C but the actual and perceived temperature may differ depending on the ambient conditions. This is especially true at the beginning and end of the season when the evenings are cooler and the water temperature is more difficult to maintain.

We will visit several times a week to clean the pool and check the water quality but we will try to arrive early in order to not disturb you.

There is a net to let you clean the surface of the pool between our pool visits but please do not open the filters or use any cleaning products in the pool.

Pools in France have to be enclosed or fitted with an alarm. The pool at La Genèbre is fitted with an automatic hard cover which complies with the safety regulations.


Turn the key clock wise and then let go - the cover will automatically open and stop when the pool is completely uncovered.


Turn the key in anti clockwise and hold in that position until the cover is completely unwound. If you let the key go the cover will stop closing - this is a safety feature to prevent the cover closing while someone is still in the pool. If the cover catches on the side of the pool while unrolling, just ease the slats away from the side of the pool and the cover will automatically continue closing as long as the key is being held in the anti clockwise direction.