Recycling and Bin Collections
The local bin collections are only once every two weeks which is not suitable for holiday lets - please leave all your black bin bags, securely tied, with non recyclable waste only in the large brown bin next to the vegetable garden. Please do not put loose rubbish/ unwrapped food or open bags inside the bin.

Please leave the yellow bags with recyclable packaging and containers securely tied next to the brown bin or also inside the bin if there is enough space..

We will collect them when we come to clean the pool or if you are staying off season we will collect them as necessary.
Glass bottles & Jars
All glass bottles and jars (minus any lids which should be put in the yellow bags)  should be taken to one of the communal recycling bins (marked with a green sign saying VERRE)

The nearest one is just a few minutes away in La Cassagne - on leaving the house go straight down the hill, veer left and at the bottom of the road turn left. The recycling bins are on the right hand side just across from the Mayor's Office.

Please do not dispose of any glass in the black or yellow bags.
What can be Recycled?
A chart with all the recyclable products and where to put them can be found in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

All containers should be empty but it isn't necessary to wash them.

As a basic rule the following should be put in the yellow bags for recycling...
Empty tins
Yogurt cartons
Juice cartons
Plastic bags & wrappings
Plastic food containers
(not polystyrene)
Empty aerosols
Toothpaste tubes
Inner tubes from toilet rolls
Egg cartons (plastic or carton)
Used cling film and tin foil
Hints & Tips!
If you have any food left over at the end of your stay which you don't want to take with you, please don't throw it away.

We can donate any unopened items, opened items can be composted or given to the neighbours' animals and hens and dairy products can be used to keep the septic tank active.... waste not, want not!!
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