Like most rural properties here the house is not connected to mains drainage but is served by a septic tank ( fosse septique ).

This is a very environmentally friendly way of dealing with waste and is extremely efficient if used properly.

Waste water from the sinks, showers, washing machine and toilets all empty into the septic tank.

It is important that you do not flush anything down the toilets except standard toilet tissue (please avoid the cushioned, extra thick varieties) & not excessive amounts at one time.  Hygiene products and other personal items, wet wipes etc do not decompose and will block the tank. Please dispose of these in the bins provided.

(Some toilet tissue now comes with the inner tube marked as flushable - please don't flush these down the toilet as they do not break down quickly enough and will still block the tank.)

Do not pour oil or grease down the sinks.

Also septic tanks do not like bleach especially the thick Domestos type products. Bleach kills off the good bacteria necessary to keep the tank functioning properly. We provide all the necessary cleaning products - if you want to use other products please ensure that they are labelled as safe for use with septic tanks (compatible avec fosses septiques)

Clearing a blocked septic tank is not pleasant for anyone and can be very costly if a professional company needs to be called in.

Please ensure that everyone in your party, especially children are aware of this information.

If you have any milk, cream or yogurt left at the end of your stay please don't throw it away.... once fermented this is a good source of natural bacteria which can then be added to the septic tank to "feed" the good bacteria!
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