Utility Room
Water Softener
These are both programmed to work automatically and should not be adjusted.
Hot Water Cylinder ( 300 litres )
8 kg Washing Machine - see working instructions
8 kg Tumble Dryer - see working instructions
Washing powder, softener, stain removers etc are provided free of charge.
Please use the lowest dosage for washing powders and liquids as due to the soft water using too much will just fill the machine full of soapy bubbles and your clothes won't wash as well as they should.
Clothes Airers, Laundry baskets, Clothes Pegs
Iron and Ironing board
Brushes, mop and bucket, Hoover
Basic First Aid kit
Coffee percolator and Cafetiere
Hand Blender
There is a shelved alcove which is home to the following items. This also includes some kitchenware (including extra plates for the times the house is at full capacity) which you may want to use only occasionally so we have stored them here to avoid cluttering up the main kitchen cupboards.
Plastic salad bowl, plates and cutlery for children / picnics 
Please do not wash these in the dishwasher
Cool Box
Wine Cooler
Shoe cleaning kit
We also used to supply a few UK to France adapters as these are often forgotten. However they are also the kind of little items that are easily and inadvertantly taken home on the ends of phone chargers / computers etc and we have had to replace so many that we no longer leave them in the house. If you have forgotten yours and would like to borrow some for your stay please let us know!
Electric circuit board
During thunderstorms it's not uncommon to experience power surges which will trip the circuit breakers. The trip switches can be reset here. In the event of an area power cut the main switch needs to be reset at the electricity meter which is just outside the garden on the right hand side of the gate (on leaving the grounds).

If you are at home when a thunderstorm starts please unplug the livebox ( both the plug and the phone line) to avoid potential damage to the box - the livebox is in the office/library.
No Access

The heating system and pool house are also located just off the utility room and have no access.

Sewing box for small repairs
Bucket and floor cloths
Folder with instruction booklets and manuals
Reusable carriers and tokens for shopping trollies
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